Working Waterfront Festival

The Working Waterfront Festival

Celebrating Commercial Fishing — America's Oldest Industry

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WWF 2014 Friday Concert

2014 Concert

Admit one to an evening of song, story, and poetry featuring: Bob Quinn, Bridget Fitzgerald, Dano Quinn, Dave Densmore, Jon Campbell, Matthew Byrne, Rob Seitz & The Beans with Dan Lanier

Friday, September 26th 7:30 pm at Seamen's Bethel


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Something Fishy CD

Something Fishy CD

One of the Festival's mainstays is a fisherpoetry session featuring fishermen and others from the industry who write about their lives and experiences. Their work runs the gamut from poignant word pictures to hilarious parodies, but always delivered with wisdom and authenticity. This compilation represents some of the best spoken word performances recorded at the Working Waterfront Festival.

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Voices From The Waterfront

Voices From The Waterfront

Pouring nearly a billion dollars a year into the local economy, New Bedford is the largest fishing port in the United States. Along with the men and women who fish local waters, countless other trades support the fishing fleet, creating a vibrant and powerful economic engine centered in the heart of New England. The portraits within this book of the individuals who work the waterfront provide a window into the complexity of the industry as a whole. The fishermen themselves, those who build the gear they use in daily operations, the lumpers who unload the vessels after each trip and the many others who process and sell the catch tell us in their own words what life is like both at sea and on shore. Talented, inventive, and industrious, the women and men of the port continue the many traditions handed down by their ancestors. VOICES FROM THE WATERFRONT illuminates the real personalities behind the sound bites typical of the evening news, taking us into the lives and waterfront activities normally seen from our passing cars.

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Working Waterfront Curriculum Resource Guide

Working Waterfront Curriculum Resource Guide

Designed for middle school-aged students, this publication is a standards-based unit which includes background information on commercial fishing, descriptions of various fisheries, classroom activities, a glossary and an extensive list of organizations and publications that can serve as resources. 176 pages.

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WWF Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded Sweatshirt

55/45 polyester/cotton blend.

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